Monza Hospital

Policlinico di Monza is a private medical group from Italy. From 1993 until today they have developed 10 hospitals, specialized in complex surgeries and providing highly performant integrated medical services. The Monza Group is founded on solid principles, which are highly regarded: the medical needs of patients are the main points of focus, medical specialties are highly specialized and they are at the maximum level of quality and all profits are reinvested in the development of the hospitals.


Institute of Oncology

The Institute of Oncology within the “Policlinico di Monza” Group aims to provide all the necessary conditions for the patient to successfully treat the oncological condition they suffer from. In this sense, within the Oncological Institute, the specialists of various medical specialties meet in a multidisciplinary team that revolves around the oncology patient, so as to have a complete perspective of the treatment needs.

This “tumor board” will accurately diagnose the patient’s condition, will operate safely, having access to a variety of medical data about the patient, and the treatment will be customized, tailored to the patient’s condition, the body’s response and the status created by other comorbidities.

The Oncological Institute therefore offers patients with oncological diseases access to medical services that follow the entire therapeutic path:


Therapeutic path

Following the philosophy at the organizational level of the Group, the Monza Oncology Hospital aims to offer, within the new structure in the North of Bucharest, integrated medical services that complete the entire therapeutic course of the patient.

Clinical oncology – which deals with the systemic treatment of cancer

Chemotherapy – systemic treatment with chemotherapeutic substances

Radiotherapy – systemic treatment by radiation

Oncological surgery – invasive treatment

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